Accuranker Review: SEO Tools for Content Creators

Over 20,000 businesses use Accuranker to improve their organic search rankings. The Accuranker SERP checker uploads and tracks the SERP rankings of thousands of search phrases that lead to their websites. Accuranker users can analyze and optimize their organic search programs using the information gained from keyword performance on Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, and Youtube.

Here is a complete Accuranker review.

For whom is Accuranker useful?

Accuranker is for agencies, but it’s also a compelling option for SEOs that manage several sites or have many keywords to track. Although it isn’t the cheapest keyword tracking software on the market, if the average ranking for one of the keywords drops, the Accuranker tool immediately notify you so you can take the necessary steps to prevent losing visitors. If any keyword improves, you’ll be able to see those improvements right away, which may lead to even more positive changes.

You can also see a share of your brand’s voice in your target audience, which helps determine how probable it is for potential customers to discover you depending on your SEO strategy. This keyword ranking tool is excellent for monitoring average rank, watching organic search engine results, on-demand and daily keyword ranking updates, and correctly analyzing landing pages. It includes consultants, Agencies, SEO specialists, brands, digital marketers, and eCommerce businesses.

Accuranker features

  • Google analytics 

You may easily link your existing Google Analytics account to your new Accuranker account. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to monitor your blog’s keyword rankings daily swiftly. This feature makes adding keywords simple.

  • Automatic monitoring

Daily keyword metrics are the most important metrics to consider while building your blog’s or website’s SEO optimization. Accuranker will keep track of these keywords and update them as necessary, enabling you to view and act on them rapidly.

  • Automatic reporting

Agencies must update their customers with the most recent progress reports, and Accuranker simplifies this process. You may use it to get a detailed analysis with charts and graphics on the quality of your SEO rankings and rank tracker data.

  • Data export

Export the data provided by the platform to various file formats if you want to analyze the data further. It helps you with SEO strategy.

  • Agency monitoring

This feature is perfect for teams who work with a broad range of customers and must track many keywords simultaneously. This feature makes it easy to monitor many metrics simultaneously.

  • Competitor monitoring

Accuranker has built-in competitor monitoring features to track your competitors up to. You may use the metrics provided to improve your SEO performance if their keywords rank higher than yours.

  • Up-to-date data

The platform’s instant refresh button provides on-demand metrics. New keyword rank data is available every 24 hours, and historical data is for trend monitoring. This vital data is available via a highly customizable, user-friendly, single interface. This data contains important information about your keyword’s performance over time. The keyword history is also available. Keyword data is available for your landing pages and featured snippets.

  • Third-party Integrations

If you’re an expert SEO tracker, you likely have more tools. With Accuranker, you don’t need to open dozens of windows to track your keywords. The platform works with Google Analytics, but it also works with Google Search Console, Adobe Analytics, and Google Data Studio. As a result, sharing data across platforms becomes quite simple.

  • Notes feature 

The notes function works similarly to GA’s annotations and is perfect for keyword rank monitoring and your overall SEO strategy. You may use the feature to make notes on a keyword and review them later to remind yourself of the steps you need to do to improve your content and the outcomes. The tool can mark events.

  • Segmenting filtering and tagging of data

When working with many keywords or data points, the ability to categorize and filter metrics is quite helpful. You may use filters like ranking positions or search volumes to make analyzing your data easier.

  • Identifying threats and opportunities

Because your keyword performance is dropping, an average ranking is a warning sign that you should focus on your SEO. A high-ranking keyword also gives a unique opportunity. Accuranker presents this information so you may improve your blog’s organic visibility.

  • Social media metrics

Social media is a critical platform for content marketing. You may start reviewing your social media likes and shares using Accuranker. It helps your SEO optimization strategy. There are also metrics for mobile and desktop for all zones.

  • Tiger Icon

Accuranker’s sidebar has this icon. It’s a unique way of showcasing the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. The icon includes four moods that represent the performance of your keyword on Google during the day.

Accuranker functionality

Track ranking data, custom keyword ranks, monitoring average rank and keyword tagging, a report builder, Keyword rank tracking and performance analysis, competition performance analysis, the share of voice, and numerous integrations with 3rd party tools are all available with Accuranker.

Accuranker pricing

Accuranker provides a 14-day free trial, so you may try out the software before determining if it’s right for you.

Paid plans begin at $109 or $99 per month billed annually for 1,000 keywords. That works out to only 10.9 cents per keyword, far less than many popular SERP tracking tools.

Accuranker is one of the market’s most affordable rank tracking tools since the cost per keyword decreases when you upgrade your subscription plan.


Accuranker gives you all the information and tools you need to track and analyze the performance of your keywords on Google, Baidu, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube. The interface is clear and simple to browse due to the company’s concentration on keyword monitoring. Furthermore, the reports are well-balanced: summary reports rapidly highlight the most relevant information and extremely extensive, data-rich reports that enable you to dive down for further analysis by filtering results by 20 dimensions.

Accuranker’s extensive capability and API are especially beneficial to marketing agencies and big businesses.

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