All You Need to Know About the Best Gumroad Alternatives

Gumroad is an easy-to-use yet powerful and popular online store builder. It is an affordable and excellent platform to make money online by selling digital services such as memberships, subscriptions, physical goods, etc. Gumroad connects its members to the customers, where the products can be sold to the customers directly. However, Gumroad is not the only option at hand. The following article will discuss the best five Gumroad alternatives. It will elucidate their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Gumroad vs Sellfy

Sellfy is an e-commerce platform that is cloud-based and is a good Gumroad alternative. People who create social media content can sell products and memberships to their community or customers on this platform. It can also be helpful to musicians and writers to sell their products. This platform enables you to create a storefront, or you can also embed your website to market your products.

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  • Anyone can easily customise the Sellfy storefront since it does not need any coding knowledge.
  • You can also add your personalised logo and colours, which can help you raise the conversion rate.
  • It supports multiple languages.


  • It is very easy to create a store and initiate sales of all products, physical and digital.
  • It has several payment options, and the payment process is transparent and fast.
  • You can make multiple purchases by adding the products to the cart.


  •    Its customer service is not as efficient in solving problems as it should be.

Gumroad vs SendOwl

The other Gumroad alternative is SendOwl. It is a platform where products can be directly sold to your community or audience. Increasing the rate of conversion for their users is the main aim of SendOwl. In SendOwl, you can easily sell your products, membership, and subscription.


  •   Checkouts can be made easily and quickly.
  •   It supports many languages.
  •   A unique feature in SendOwl helps release your product in parts, which can keep your customers’ excitement alive.


  • It is very user-friendly.
  • You get complete security from SendOwl.
  • Managing taxes and preventing fraud are some of the perks of SendOwl.


  •   The payment takes time to reach the seller.

Gumroad vs Podia

Podia is an excellent platform for selling courses, subscriptions, digital services and products, and is widely used by digital creators. Teachers and artists also use it. It is a well-known and easy platform that enables you to create a website for selling products.


  •   Podia helps you bundle up the products and sell them to raise your earnings.
  •   The bandwidth is unlimited. Hence, you can host your videos in Podia.
  •   The landing pages can be easily created.


  • With Podia, customers can make transactions without exiting the page.  
  • They have a recognised program, and with its assistance, you can inspire your audience to promote your entities and earn rewards. 
  • You can make use of marketing through emails to promote your products. This can be done by selecting the automatically operated drip campaigns.  


  • The payment options are very limited in Podia.
  • In Podia, options are only available for digital goods. The physical goods can’t be sold. But in Gumroad, you can also sell tangible goods quickly.

Gumroad vs Selz

Selz is an online portal to sell digitized products, tangible products and services from one place. It comprises experts who make e-commerce a simplified space with go-to use options for the creators. It gives you all the tools you need to build your online presence, sell your products, market to your customers and track sales.


  • Selz gives you every assistance required to establish online appearance, product selling and marketing them to the customers. Further, it provides options for tracking the sales.  
  • They have a characteristic named ‘custom fields’ that stakes prominent customer information that would assist in future marketing needs. 
  • It also lets you customise your field naming and then get it registered at Selz.


  • You get a good hold on the tangible and intangible products, which would further boost the sales. 
  • It also aids in establishing freebies for customers. These freebies can be shared with the user’s email list. 
  • They have amazing customer support.


  • In Selz, the tracking option is not available for affiliate sales.

Gumroad vs Thrivecart

ThriveCart is a platform for shopping that aids businesses in escalating revenue with increased cart pages that are converting. It boosts entrepreneurs and marketers to bargain their products, intangible services, and memberships. It is one of the most reliable Gumroad alternatives as it has feasible characteristics that others do not.


  • Thrivecart has numerous features that make it a great Gumroad alternative. This includes 1-Click bump offers and 1-Click upsells.
  • It has to test A/B, Builder Funnel.
  • It has Autoresponderintegrations, Webhooks, and Auto-follow up.
  • It includes Coupons and Advanced trial support.


  • It has no rigid payment preferences.
  • Thrivecart is infused with system-developed sales tax calculation.
  • The interface is also reliable and user-efficient.


  • The customisation option is very less, so that cart appearance can be made to match individual personality.
  • This platform lacks multi-purchase options.


Gumroad is a simple yet excellent e-commerce platform. Nonetheless, Gumroad alternatives are also available and each of them have unique advantages and disadvantages. Sellfy is a platform for digital creators and writers to sell their products. SendOwl is an accessible and responsive online platform for selling your products. Podia is a well-known platform for selling digital services like memberships and subscriptions. Selz has great features to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Thrivecart is a platform with many features that even Gumroad does not have.

Always make sure to prefer a platform that matches your business preferences, is economically well-suited, populates site reach and brings in more people to your brand.

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