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Mighty Networks has become the staple option for individuals to run their online courses, events, memberships, etc. It has enabled the bringing of diverse communities together on one common platform. Using Mighty Networks alternatives, one can build their brand or community with various programmes pitched in one place. However, Mighty Networks Review is not the only option at hand.

There are various other community and brand-building platforms apart from it. If you are in a rigorous search for some best alternatives of Mighty Networks, you are at the right place. The following information will discuss the best five alternatives of Mighty Networks. It will elucidate its features, advantages and disadvantages to aid in selecting the ideal one.

Might Networks vs Tribe Community Platform

Tribe Community Platform is an ideal space to create one’s community or brand based on customisation. It enables users to customise their programmes that will go up on the platform’s page. You can customise your events, courses, memberships, etc., on this platform. However, some options at Tribe Community Platform are complex and require prior technical understanding.


  • Tribe Community Platform has customization options for building a brand or community. 
  • Tribe Community Platform has customization to design the engagement pattern with the audience. 
  • The Tribe Community Platform has a notification domain that helps to know the community or brand building progress.


  • The Tribe Community Platform provides the advantage of customising the plans. It helps set the time and day for various events, programmes or courses. 
  • Tribe Community Platform has no entry set-up fee and provides a trial month. You will get a free trial month if you are new to the Tribe Community Platform. Once you decide to set up an account, it will be free.
  • The Tribe Community Platform provides the advantage of building unlimited communities. There are completely no limitations for a particular venture to limit its community.


  • Some of the options available at Tribe Community Platform are hard to use and interpret. However, in Mighty Networks, the options are simple and usable. 
  • Tribe Community Platform requires an accelerated understanding and experience of HTML. With Mighty Networks, anyone can start at any level. 
  • Using the Tribe Community Platform can turn into a complex task. Compared to Mighty Networks, the workings of the platform require learned steps to follow.

Mighty Networks vs Udemy Business

Udemy Business is a platform that enables the setting up of events to build a community or brand. It includes the provision for courses or programmes and includes the provision of skills. Udemy Business provides skill development that is an essential core to having a better working community. However, this platform is more inclined towards skill development and leaves off other aspects.


  • Udemy Business provides a platform to build and train the community. 
  • Udemy Business provides the setting up of a wanted course, event or programme. 
  • Udemy Business offers a complete learning guide for community betterment. 


  • Udemy Business brings in the added benefit of training and learning. 
  • Udemy Business is good to know the community and learn together. 
  • Udemy Business provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge.


  • Udemy Business is inclined only towards building the skills, unlike Mighty Networks, which works on building and training. 
  • The balance between maintaining and learning at Udemy Business might fluctuate. 
  • The assignments at Udemy Business are very lengthy. However, in Mighty Networks, assignments are replaced by activities.

Mighty Networks vs Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a platform that enables designing memberships, maintaining communities and organising various online events. In addition to these services, Wild Apricot provides for virtual fundraising and managing memberships. It helps in keeping track of how much the community is growing. However, Wild Apricot requires additional time and effort to manage all these aspects separately.


  • Wild Apricot is an ideal platform to manage the community, interact and design events. 
  • It has added features of managing memberships and virtual fundraising. 
  • Wild Apricot is inclusive of designing the events as per the session.


  • Wild Apricot is easier to use with options for various programs being streamed. 
  • Wild Apricot provides the benefit of customising the database as per the requirements of a venture or business. 
  • Wild Apricot has advantages in keeping track of the community and its growth.


  • Wild Apricot might become hard to manage and requires prior understanding of the available options compared to Mighty Networks. 
  • Wild Apricot does not provide the option to determine one’s membership ID.  
  • Due to no particularity to the membership ID, it creates a ruckus for an organisation with more than one membership on Wild Apricot.

Mighty Networks vs Discourse

Discourse is an open platform which is accessible to communicate, build and create an interactive community for brand retention. With Discourse, one can categorise and tag the kind of discussion. There can be collaborative watches for an event, screening, or programme. Discourse also includes real-time notifications, continuous scrolling, forwarding links to larger parties and getting live updates. However, Discourse serves only a one-sided purpose, that is, discussion.


  • Discourse has an inbuilt feature of categorising the kind of discussion that would educate about the purpose. 
  • With Discourse, tracking the entire meetings held for the community is easier. It can be identified through the titles of the meetings done earlier. 
  • There is customization available to set the timings for the community or brand building meetings or programmes.


  • Discourse benefits by aiding the need of defining the discussion and creating it a purposeful one. 
  • With Discourse, tracking the entire meets held for the community is easier. It can be identifiable through the titles of the meetings done earlier. 
  • With Discourse, the information can be expanded to a larger community. This is possible through the expanded link sharing options.


  • Discourse, especially for community and brand building, is one dimension. The main focus is only on the discussion part. 
  • With Discourse, the not so frequently used options get hidden compared to Mighty Networks.  
  • Discourse has the fewest options available to block unwanted users. Further, the provision to maintain the real members of the community is hard.

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi

Kajabi is a platform suitable for creating, selling and informing about one’s brand, venture or business. Through access to Kajabi, numerous blooming entrepreneurs and influencers can connect and start building their community. The services provided at Kajabi are website curation, selling brands or businesses, and designing online courses. In addition to this, Kajabi also provides the option of publishing one’s content. However, accessing the services at Kajabi is expensive. Also, some of its features are available only after paid membership.


  • Kajabi is the one-stop with features for brand building, such as designing online courses and publishing content. 
  • Kajabi has the feature of buying and creating one’s venture online on the platform. 
  • Payments at Kajabi can be easily made through online digital payment sites such as PayPal.


  • Kajabi benefits the users with the custom option of coaching one or multiple sessions. 
  • With Kajabi, one can have the opportunity to start their venture online. They have to create a domain, introduce the venture, and sell. 
  • Kajabi is a well-specified tool for creating advertising campaigns such as email campaigns.


  • Kajabi can be an expensive tool to use. Most of its features are available only after paid membership. 
  • Kajabi requires additional time than Mighty Networks. It requires time to create the domain and courses. 
  • Kajabi lacks simplification than Mighty Networks. There are too many options available that might stir confusion amongst users.


Mighty Networks is your ideal stop to design yourself a community or develop your brand. It helps connect to the people by using various tools and ideas. With Mighty Networks, one can introduce various courses, memberships, events, and others. This stands as the first step to creating a customer base for one’s programme.

There is a complete understanding of the best alternatives to Mighty Networks in the above information. These are- Tribe Community Platform, Udemy Business, Wild Apricot, Discourse and Kajabi.

The Tribe Community Platform helps provide wider access to the audience that initiates better brand building and understanding. With Udemy Business, accelerating business becomes better with a skilled workforce. Here, you not only create a community for the brand but also train those members in the community.

At Wild Apricot, the available options for the brand or community building are already inbuilt. The platform also provides options such as fundraising or managing the membership. With Discourse, the discussion about the venture is the most beneficial one. You can name the meeting, tag it and send it to a larger community. Lastly, with Kajabi, the option to post one’s content about the brand or community is beneficial.

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