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Learnyst was formed in 2014 with the aim of making the barriers in the way of online teaching disappear. To put it in simple words, Learnyst is a technology-based platform for teachers where they can list their courses on their website and mobile application. Its vision is to simplify online teaching and be adaptable for educators

Although Learnyst is widely used globally and the preferred choice for many, you can have a different opinion. Learnyst helps teachers with assessment, automated vigilance, and a computerized grading system. Having said that, more factors should be considered while relying upon such platform review. Factors like affordability, value for your money, ease of use, and user rating come into play while deciding on using such tools. However, there are a lot of other options when it comes to using platforms like Learnyst.

Have a look at these other options that top the list of Learnyst alternatives prepared based on common features that align closely with Learnyst in terms of features, utility, and benefits.


Teachmint is a well-known management system that provides an educational infrastructure to schools and teachers. It helps them enhance their teaching and learning skills and achieve an efficient education system.

Think Exam

Think Exam is software that’s available online, providing services for assessment and examination. It incorporates an interactive interface to enhance communication between the examiner and the examinee. The focus is to develop a strong infrastructure to support online exams with minimal human effort.


TalentLMS is a learning management system that uses a game-like interface. It offers a unique experience that users enjoy. It offers the fun of games and the option of gaining knowledge simultaneously. One can easily create courses and accomplish the training objectives with the TalentLMS interface.


Litmos is considered to be an easy-to-use learning management system that is cloud-based. The key feature offered by Litmos includes document management, candidate management, offering alerts or notifications, maintenance management, and knowledge base management.

eLeaP Learning Management System

The eLeaP learning management system (LMS) allows users to track automatically generated reports, sell their courses online, use an automated training management system, and much more. It is a web-based product that is flexible, customizable, and easily adaptable, all at the same time. 

Capabiliti Learning Management System

The Capabiliti learning management system best suits mid-sized companies, startups, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), or agencies. The web-based software provides the best strategies for your business based on data-driven decisions. Capabiliti Learning Management System provides useful features such as assessments, a student portal, and live or video conferencing. 


WizIQ is again a cloud-based learning management system featuring Learning and teaching platforms. It helps you train the students, customers, employees, or partners through online and hybrid learning modes. It is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly software where learners can gain knowledge with the help of various courses. Self-paced learning, live online and hybrid learning modes, and interesting courses that cater to the needs of the new generation of students or learners.


Classpro is a one-stop solution for online teaching. Coaching or training institutes can use this platform to sell their courses using their brand name. Furthermore, Classpro allows conducting live classes or lectures, allocating assignments, fabricating mock tests, and even collecting fees. Students can benefit from the course listed on Classpro as they get lifetime access to recorded classes or lectures and notes, a chance to appear in mock tests online, and one-to-one doubt clearing sessions. 

Admission to Alumni

Admission to alumni is a power-packed system loaded with features that can act as a superior platform for any educational institute. It holds multiple versatile features, but most importantly, it ensures that most of the module’s NBA/ NAAC requirements are incorporated. It reduced the amount of effort required by any educational institute for the documentation. Furthermore, it eases the accreditation process. Admission to Alumni serves as one of the perfect platforms for automated services and features the following:

  • Automated admission or entrance test
  • Completely automatic admission process
  • Automated fees collection
  • MOODLE Based Learning Management System
  • KOHA OPAC based Library operations
  • Dashboard for individual users
  • Placement assistance
  • Alumni system
  • A Grievance cell


Tovuti Learning Management Software is designed to serve startups and agencies. Tovuti generates end-to-end solutions targeted for Windows. It is an online-based Learning Management system that offers academic or educational courses, a game-based interface, mobile learning, corporate or business training, and eCommerce knowledge on a single platform.


LearnWorlds is a powerful search engine that can be used to sell online courses and content and get noticed by millions of users on one platform. It provides unique in-built 3rd party analytics features which use advanced technology to help a business grow. Furthermore, it also allows a company to simultaneously sell its courses or training programs on multiple platforms.


Wizcabin is an authoring platform that creates interactive lessons for eLearning courses in less time. Wizcabin can alter the time required to create a course from many weeks to a few hours. It helps you provide your users with interactive online learning experiences. Trainers can speed up their production process, and learners can learn without spending long hours on eLearning. Wizcabin reduces the number of steps required to create a course. All you need to do is upload your storyboard, and the course is ready. No extra skill is required; good content is all it takes to create a course with Wizcabin.

eNyota Learning Management System

eNyota Learning Management System is designed exclusively for corporate organizations that provide eLearning and mLearning solutions and for companies providing training through courses. The Learning Management System of eNyota is easy to use and can be learned within a few hours of training. eNyota focuses to include only those features that are most used and needed by organizations. It does not incorporate a complex implementation phase so that users can start delivering their courses quickly and without hassle. It is also a cost-effective alternative for corporate users.

QBis Learning & Training Platform

QBis is a learning and training platform useful for companies who want to manage their employees efficiently. QBis features a Course Builder with which you can create and design courses. It also allows you to fabricate various assessments and put an automated or manual grading system, depending on your preference. Using QBis, you can track the status of completed sessions or courses. Its smart push notifications help you set reminders, track the modifications or updates in different lesson plans, remind important events, and conduct tests to provide. Creating various questions, be it subjective or objective, is an easy task with QBis. QBis also helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of every trainee with its useful analysis.

Swift HCM

TheSwift Human Capital Management Solutions is a tool to manage the workforce and automate human resource (HR) tasks. Getting new employees on board is not easy, as is training the existing employees. Advanced products featuring new technologies and processes can ease this task. It helps you generate interactive discussion sessions where trainees and trainers can actively participate. It allows you to fetch detailed reporting on the performance and progress of your trainees. The analytics and feedbacks help you understand what applies best for the trainees to make the most of your content.


Courselle is ideally suited for small to medium-sized companies. It is a SaaS (Software as a service) tool with which companies can design e-learning processes from the beginning. It is a web-based app that includes all the tools and features required to produce interactive educational materials or content. It allows multimedia web pages, video, and audio content to allocate assignments, take surveys, easy file uploads and downloads, and many more. 


Uzity is an easy-to-use, powerful and modern Learning Management System. It offers an interactive platform for online learning or education and training. On Uzity, you can upload engaging content and provide a seamless learning experience to all learners and trainers. It allows passing on study material to the students, conduct tests and give assignments, track the progress made by the students, and manage the records with detailing.

Janison Academy 

Janison Academy is a cloud-based knowledge management software supported by all mobile and desktop interfaces that allow you to customize learning pathways to focus on personalized learning experiences. It helps you maintain reports and track the progress of the learners. Furthermore, it offers a customizable interface and also game-based learning. It is also a multi-award winner platform that meets industry requirements, following the newest trends. 


Learning Management Systems (LMS) are trending because of the facilities and benefits provided to the users. Everything can be easily managed, from admission to fee collection, using a single platform with LMS. These Learnyst alternatives reduce manual effort and encourage the usage of automated systems to give users a hassle-free teaching, learning, or management experience. 

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