Best Graphy alternatives to launch your online course

Graphy is the best course creation platform that is well designed for creators who intend to market their knowledge or skills by offering self-paced or Instructor-led courses to their students.

Using Graphy’s robust platform to create a fully functional course website no longer even requires coding knowledge. In case you want to, just choose to write a code to develop your website.

Or, choose from a set of pre-designed templates listed and play with various available elements like add, delete or customize individual blocks or sections.

However, as an online course creator, your needs keep changing over time, and so do your requirements from the right course creation platform. 

For this reason, we have scoured the internet to find the best 3 Graphy alternatives to launch your online course. 

So, let’s get started!

Best 3 Graphy alternatives to launch your online course


Kajabi is a leading “all-in-one” platform for selling online courses across the globe. As an all-in-one platform, users may create, sell, distribute, and monetize custom classes without switching to other tools. Kajabi integrates with Stripe and PayPal as well. Additionally, users may promote their courses using email marketing.

Using completely automated marketing strategies and funnels, they can optimize and scale their online course selling company. It also incorporates analytics tools that enable users to monitor their success and continue to improve. Further, users may utilize Kajabi to establish their websites where they can keep all of their courses and other vital information.


Offering six membership plans, Thinkific offers a very powerful course builder that allows a flexible learning experience with LIVE lessons, videos, and assessments.

Although the platform puts a limitation on the size & type of videos you can upload, it promotes interactive community learning with groups to share ideas, inspiration, strategies, and more for improvement.

However, both their free and paid plan has no transaction fees included. This is why you may want to consider buying a premium Zoom license or a Zapier subscription in Thinkific.

Undoubtedly with excellent customer service and contact options, Thinkfic offers the best platform that works best inside the USA for course sales.

This may arise issues related to payment systems outside the US. However, we recommend you try out the platform for free to get a test ride of the features they have to offer and make your mind up accordingly.


Transforming knowledge by offering four membership plans to gear different kinds of course creators, Teachable is a course creation platform and an alternative to Graphy that allows you to launch unlimited courses with unlimited students.

However, the platform isn’t fully white-labeled, which is most favorable only for brands that have already established their online brand identity. Your students can see the generic “Teachable” login every time they try to sign in to their account.

Our research on the platform reveals that Teachable has 100,000 instructors who have earned over $500 million in revenue so far. Additionally, Teachable provides integration options to track clicks & sales and perform marketing campaigns.

Most suitable for businesses that want to run a virtual school with the set budget that has been allocated, Teachable does not charge any transaction fee on higher plans.

Teachable courses are versatile with an easy setup. However, if the course budget set is tight for you, you might want to reconsider this option for a different platform.

With their core set of features, get started on Teachable.


Whether you are a trained online instructor/creator, or you have just started off your online teaching career, we hope that the valuable insights we have provided you in this blog post, have made it easier for you to choose a platform that is easy to use, clean, and smooth. 

In case your choices aren’t narrowed down, we encourage you to join some free platforms & make your list of pros and cons. In that way, you will be more clear about what the platform has to offer you and if it matches your educational needs.

However, if you want to skip the long process of making a list then make the right choice to go ahead with Graphy without a second thought.

Graphy is a fully white-labeled Indian LMS platform that caters to creators worldwide. Graphy allows features to:

  • Conduct LIVE classes/sessions with a premium Zoom experience
  • Conduct polls, chat privately, take questions publicly
  • Create a single or multiple answer quizzes, fill in the blanks, and match the following
  • Import questions in bulk
  • Allow interactions during LIVE sessions
  • Online course certificates
  • Positive testimonials and featured media
  • Create subjective questions, review them, and award marks
  • Give assignments to your learners & track their progress

Graphy understands that it takes plenty of hard-invested time and energy to create & sell courses online. That is why, Graphy provides highly secured content safety with content encryption, login restriction, and device protection as a part of your security online.

Graphy uses Amazon CloudFront to ensure the video content on its platform is not downloaded by using any third-party software, and dynamic watermarking to avoid piracy from screen capture & recording on your videos and PDF content.

Additionally, Graphy also allows SEO to optimize every page that you create on the platform. Using Graphy, you can redirect your organic traffic by using target keywords in your course’s landing pages and adding custom scripts, meta tags, and forms.

Graphy stands out as the best course creation platform because it allows you to collect country-specific payments by integrating both international and local payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay.

Reflect the right image of your brand. Build a fully white-labeled course website and mobile application with Graphy & leverage your online teaching business. Simply just use their drag and drop website or mobile application to create and sell courses online.

Check out our in-depth Graphy review!

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