Best Marketing Automations for Course Sellers

Marketing automation is the technology that automates the management of marketing operations and multifunctional campaigns across channels. Businesses may use marketing automation to send automated communications to consumers through email, online, social media, and text messaging. It sends messages automatically based on workflows, which are sets of instructions. Templates, custom-built workflows, or mid-campaign modifications may improve results.

Marketing and sales teams use marketing automation to automate online sales operations and marketing campaigns to increase efficiency and revenue. Creators are free to focus on higher-order issues, helping decrease human error while performing repetitive activities.

Marketing automation aids in nurturing, scoring, lead generation, and campaign RoI measurement. Automation also saves money and time as a company’s size grows. 

Purpose of marketing automation

Marketing automation automates and simplifies time-consuming marketing and sales tasks. From automating the lead qualifying process to developing a digital campaign creation hub, it’s all about simplifying a business environment that is becoming more complex.

Instead of manually sending each email, message, campaign, or post, you may set up a digital marketing strategy using marketing automation. Good automation solutions let you identify your target, develop the proper content, and trigger actions depending on consumer behaviour. After your campaign launches, you may focus on other duties and assess and improve your marketing approach. While you concentrate on expanding your company, an automated marketing plan may save you time and money while boosting revenue and RoI.

Steps to Master Marketing Automation

Automate email marketing

Marketing automation might begin with automated email operations. Emails are often the initial point of contact for new prospects, and they are critical to the customer experience.

Create a process with exact triggers and send a follow-up email to new users with downloads and other call-to-action options. Automate event management processes like invitations and registration confirmations. You’ll be able to develop communication and improve great consumer experiences this way.

Many email marketing software options are available, and most provide easy drag-and-drop interfaces to set up processes easily.

Consider the following features while picking an email marketing automation software among a multitude of options:

  • Emails shouldn’t end up in spam folders
  • A/B testing, reporting
  • Contact segmentation
  • Targeting is possible using the tool
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Ready-to-use-templates, pricing, and amount of accounts/contacts
  • Bulk email

Personalise Content

Personalisation evokes emotions in learners and increases their engagement. It’s a great marketing tool. Contact groups, revenue, and age-related key metrics are possible customer segments. Identify a contact’s interests using data as below:

  • Visited landing pages
  • Preferred products
  • Clicked links
  • Topics they have interest in

We use this information to customise emails, and your website’s content and generate the next individual interaction.


If you knew that some of your connections have an interest in sports, you’d choose appropriate images to accompany your communications. Adapting your marketing to your learners’ tastes may help you increase response rates and other KPIs.

Data enrichment      

By doing research or collaborating with other organisations, you may improve your data by adding new information from third parties. Combining different datasets may help you get the most out of your data. Creators would benefit greatly if they knew their contact’s email address, age, gender, and location.

With this knowledge, you may predict and meet learner requirements before rivals.

Useful recommendations

Nearly half of all purchases are impulsive, depending on product categories. As a result, inspiration throughout the browsing process may boost conversion rates.

Recommendation software leverages clicks, searches, and purchases to propose additional matching goods. We all know the expression ‘other consumers also purchased’. Advanced software might use machine learning to improve recommendations.

Enhance the e-commerce experience

Every transaction is important! If a learner visits your online shop but does not make a purchase, you are missing out on the potential to generate revenue for yourself. Automated marketing technologies may help in the avoidance of such scenarios.

Abandoned shopping cart

A gentle reminder as a push may be all that is necessary if a user suddenly learner the purchase process. Send prospective learners an automated email asking for purchasing help.

Feedback form

If prospective learners haven’t responded to notifications, provide a feedback form. Is it possible they didn’t find what they were searching for? Is the failure to complete the operation related to a lack of payment options? These answers give useful information and may help future prospective customers have a better user experience.

Use insights

Several variables affect buying decisions. Internal and external impacts vary, ranging from product evaluations to learners’ emotional states of mind.

Pricing is often a concern. If price is the primary cause of a shopping cart abandonment, you might offer cheaper products from the category or even a discount.


If you’re not sure where to begin automating your marketing activities, a digital agency can help. They will walk you through selecting tools and ways to implement new platforms. Digital professionals as partners ensure marketing plan optimisation.

Whether you start with in-house or agency expertise, we wish you success and enjoyment with marketing automation.

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