Best Microphones to Record Your Online Courses


Teachers nowadays need high-quality microphones along with a good laptop or PC so that students can hear well in the era of online classes. You’ll need outstanding audio quality whether you’re teaching live, generating an instructional video, or recording a voiceover for your slides. The poor audio quality may affect educational outcomes as most learning involves speaking and listening.

What are the features of microphones for courses?


Consider the microphone’s frequency response while picking microphones for courses. A frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz is necessary for the microphone to catch the detail of your speech well. A noise-cancelling option is also essential so that no background noise disrupts your students during class.


You want hassle-free microphones for courses you can use in class. For online teaching, plug-and-play microphones are excellent. You just plug the microphone into your device and begin using it right away.


Microphones come in various sizes, although small does not imply low power. It’s preferable to have a tiny, portable microphone for courses that can fit in your bag.


Several microphone models provide good audio at a high cost. You’ll want to look into something that can provide a near-professional recording at a reasonable price if you’re teaching online.

Following are the best microphones for courses

Blue Snowball

The Blue Snowball has unexpectedly outstanding audio quality, becoming the microphone of choice for aspiring podcasters.

The Blue Snowball gives the online teacher many possibilities for voice work. You may now improve the audio quality of your online class or course for a small cost. The Blue Snowball’s main flaw is the low-quality cable that connects it to your laptop.

Fifine USB microphone

Fifine USB Microphone is a high-quality condenser microphone with superb audio. Due to its 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range and cardioid pickup, this USB microphone can record clear voices and music. It also has outstanding noise-cancelling features, eliminating any background noise from the audio recording. This microphone’s volume control knob lets you change the voice input volume. You may expect a seamless online class with all of these features.

Both Windows and Mac OS support the Fifine USB Microphone. It’s a plug-and-play device you may use instantly without installing drivers. It includes a stable tripod stand with a bolt to rotate the mic 180 degrees. Fifine USB Microphone is among the best microphones for courses

CMTeck USB Computer Microphone

It is a decent USB noise-cancelling microphone and is ideal for any laptop or desktop. It is an excellent option for any video call because of its affordable price, long cable, and small size.

While the company created this model for online games, it works well for online teachers. With its compact body and long gooseneck, this microphone is simple to put up and place out of sight of your webcam when conducting the class.

Blue Yeti US microphone

Blue Yeti Microphone is famous for its high quality and multi-pattern pickup functionality, enabling you to record audio from multiple angles. It has zero latency in audio. It also includes a headphone jack with volume control.

Neewer USB microphone

The NW-7000 USB Recording Condenser Microphone built-in cardioid capsule isolates the primary sound source from background noise. It comes with steel, adjustable scissor arm stands with a mounting clamp you can attach practically everywhere. A foam cap protects the microphone to protect it from spit and wind.

Fifine K688 microphone

The Fifine K688 Microphone is an affordable solution for online teachers that conduct light voiceovers and video recording in addition to teaching courses. It is very sensitive, picking up sounds effectively and recording high-quality audio. Because of its high sensitivity, the microphone picks up surrounding noises despite its noise cancellation feature; however, you may easily solve this issue by decreasing the microphone’s volume to 80 to 85 %.

It also has a plug-and-play feature, making it incredibly easy to use. It has a sturdy tripod stand and a shock mount that lets you rotate the microphone 90 degrees.

The Fifine K6888 Microphone is the best microphone for zoom to record crystal clear quality audio from their home.


The Jounivo Desktop Microphone has high-quality sound with a stylish design. This omnidirectional microphone collects sound from all directions with great sensitivity, ensuring high-quality online teaching audio.

It has noise-cancelling technology, which automatically minimises background noise and echoes for crystal-clear audio. This simple microphone comes with a 5-foot USB cable that you can plug into any USB port on your device. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and PS4—a feature that’ll come in handy if you’re a gamer.

The Jounivo USB microphone has a good build quality and a flexible gooseneck style. You may modify its height and angle and swivel it while talking. For convenient microphone control, it also has a one-click mute button. It’s one of the finest USB microphones for courses because of its quick and accurate sound recognition.

Samson Meteor microphone

One of the finest microphones for courses is the Samson Meteor. This condenser microphone captures high-resolution audio while minimising background noise. The Samson Meteor has a 25 mm diaphragm, which is one of the biggest condenser diaphragms available in any USB type microphone, ensuring crystal-clear audio recording. This microphone ensures that your online students hear you clearly.

This microphone is also ideal for podcasting and live streaming. It’s a plug-and-play microphone that works with Windows and Mac OS, as well as smartphones and tablets. This microphone incorporates a mic mute switch and a headphone volume control for ease of use.

The Samson Meteor Microphone is a good option for travel and home use. This microphone is ideal for teachers who are always on the go.


Only when the teacher and the students can clearly hear what the other is saying can there be good communication in the class. A decent microphone is essential for smooth communication while teaching online. The listed microphones for courses are excellent for online teaching. When choosing between the numerous models, consider your needs and budget.

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