Best Presentation Software for Creators in 2022

With the help of modern presentation software, you can create a professional slideshow without formatting slides all day long. Powerpoint presentations are widely used as a medium to convey information in a simple yet creative manner. Learners can easily understand and retain the given information with these presentations.

These days, even the basic PowerPoint software offers many features that make preparing a presentation a piece of cake. It takes less time to prepare the presentations, so prioritizing other parts like the content becomes easy.

A good number of people still choose to stick with basic presentation software like Google Slides. However, exploring the world of new presentation tools can also change the way you create the slideshows. These could help keep the audience engaged by using interactive media. 

Here is a list of some amazing presentation software that might be ideal for your specific requirements.


Canva is undoubtedly one of the best free presentation software available over the internet. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even the Web. It provides one of the best free plans in comparison to other presentation software. You can find the right template as per your requirements out of thousands of incredible templates available on the app for free. 

You can also choose from numerous animations, or add audio or video from your device. Moreover, you can share the file directly over social media or add your colleagues as collaborators. Even though the free plan would be enough for most users, Canva offers paid plans starting from $119.99 a year. 


Genially is the best presentation tool for interactive presentations. It is available over the web only. Creating a self-led presentation with Genially is pretty simple as it offers incredible animated templates and interactive features. It lets the users skip any page they want and hover over certain parts for more information. You can also find templates for reports, business proposals and presentations; however, most can be accessed with paid plans only. Premium users can create custom templates that the entire team can access. The paid plans start at $7.49 a month. 


Prezi might be the best presentation tool for conversational presentations. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and Web. Prezi does not limit the presentation’s structure to be in a straight line, which isn’t the case with most presentation apps. It also allows you to arrange the topics and subtopics as you like. Moreover, it provides all features expected from a premium presentation tool. Prezi also has two other software – Prezi Video and Prezi Design. Prezi offers a 14-day free trial. On the other hand, the paid plan starts from $15 a month. 


Beautiful.ai is the ideal presentation software for AI-powered presentations. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and the Web. This app effectively uses artificial intelligence to adjust the design needs and takes care of the inconveniences that usually occur when we work manually. It helps focus more on the quality of content we are putting in. A two-minute tutorial can help you get started with the app. In order to find a layout, you can go through Inspiration Slides. You can customize the file as you want as Beautiful.ai offers more than 40 fully-designed templates, 23 color palettes and 10 themes.

There are limited collaboration features offered with the free plan; however, one can opt for the paid plans that have been priced fairly. Pricing starts from $12 a month and goes up to $40 a month. 


Powtoon is one of the best presentation tools for video presentations. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Web. Editing on Powtoon is as easy as editing during a presentation, however, the end result is an incredible video. With Powtoon, slides can be edited whenever you want. Each slide’s running time would be dictated by its content requirements. It is fixed automatically by Powtoon. The time used by the current slide out of the total presentation is visible on the bottom-right corner. You can toggle between Slideshow and Movie to present it as a slide deck. 

To produce a video running longer than 3 minutes or download videos in MP4, Powtoon’s paid plan would be required. You can use numerous soundtracks, animations, templates and additional storage with the paid plan. It starts from $20 a month.

Zoho Show

If you are looking for a simple presentation tool that could fulfill your requirements, Zoho Show is the ideal app for you. It is compatible with Chrome, iOS, Android and Web. It offers numerous templates and a clean editor. Moreover, it is entirely free to use. Even though most templates are pretty basic, they are still modern compared to PowerPoint or Slides. 

You can also pick the color scheme and font style. It offers features like inviting collaborators and version history, for which other apps usually charge a premium. Even remote broadcasting can be done from Zoho.


Pitch can be the ideal app for your presentations when working with a team. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and the Web. Pitch offers everything one would expect from a great presentation software, like full customizability, stunning templates and collaboration with the team. It is often considered the alternative to Google Slides. 

You can allocate different slides and presentations to different members of the team and add notes and comments by choosing the appropriate options from the sidebar on the right side. You can save templates for later as well. Collaborators outside the respective organization can also get access to the presentation. 

Under the free plan, users can get custom templates, video collaboration and endless presentations. In the paid plans, users can use advanced features like presentation analytics, version history and private folders. It starts from $8 a month.


Many different apps have emerged in the presentation tools industry and as a beginner, it can be tough to pick a reliable app. We hope this article helped choose the right apps for presentations. 

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