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Clickfunnels is the software used to entirely automate the processes of sales on the online platform. This software allows optimisation and automation of page creation and payment acceptance with just one click. This is a funnel system of sales that was created by Russel Brunson in 2014. This software is a greater opportunity for online business owners to increase their business on a large scale. In this article, we are going to see Clickfunnels alternatives by comparing them with other software.

This software helps you to attract major traffic of customers by building a customer list. Before the launch of a particular product in the market, it advertises that product. This is responsible for creating curiosity about that product, and you can reach the major customer group before your product launch.

If we study the Clickfunnels alternatives, we can get the idea that this is used to operate a business on the online platform by creating strong landing pages. It also makes sales in higher amounts by using a sales funnel. The sales used in this software are pre-built which helps to save time during online marketing. The key factor regarding sales is that it is prepared without knowledge of coding.

The upsells and down sales are another feature of Clickfunnels. There are many Clickfunnels alternatives present in the market, such as Kartra, Groove.cm, Dropfunnels, etc. It also comprises a drag and drop editor option that helps with the creation of landing pages easily.

Due to this, it is accessible to the customer to choose pre-built templates for page creation. The funnel-building capacity of Clickfunnels software attracts more business owners to sustain online marketing campaigns.

If you are an online coach or consultant, then Clickfunnels also help you host courses in just a few minutes. It helps to advertise your courses using membership area features of click funnels. These marketing strategies help to host courses on different social media platforms.

In this article, we are going to see the features, advantages, and disadvantages of click funnels in detail. Also, we are going to discuss Clickfunnels alternatives in detail.

Clickfunnels vs Graphy

Graphy is one of the best up and coming online course platform. Creators here can create, market and sell their online courses under one roof. Graphy offers white-labeled mobile apps and course website. It has in-built marketing and engagement features to help creators get more signups and increase retention. Moreover, with Graphy the content stays secured with multi-layer content security. 


  • Own white-labeled mobile apps and course website
  • Advanced marketing features to boost your sales
  • Interactive dashboard to measure your growth
  • Country-specific pricing with local payment gateways
  • Dedicated account manager with call and onboarding support


  • It’s simple to set up with fully-customizable online course builder. 
  • Creators get 24*7 call and email support
  • Creators can sell everything from live classes, digital downloads and membershipps.


  • There are extra bandwidth charges
  • Mobile apps can’t be super customized

Clickfunnels vs Kartra

Kartra is an online marketing tool that can run an entire online business in just one click. It was made by Mike Filsaime and mainly involves email marketing that is used to attract customers. They conduct split tests for a mail body as well as subject lines.

They provide membership sites to perform online marketing on a large platform. It visually adds content to the hosting app. This is helpful to play videos on marketing pages and membership portals available on the online platform.


  1. The main characteristic feature of Kartra is they provide email marketing tools and membership pages for its customers.
  2. This software provides an affiliated management system that allows funnel sharing.
  3. Kartra provides video hosting that is further responsible for increasing your business status in your field.
  4. Kartra is a help desk tool that also gives integration of SMS.


  1. Kartra can run an entire online business in one click. It does not require any external tool. It comprises membership building of the site, email marketing, and the creation of funnel features in one software.
  2. Use of Kartra calendar provides good support to customers via helpdesk.
  3. Checkout processes of Kartra are quite simple and show less load as compared to other software. For marketing eCommerce services, this software is used.


  1. The webinar feature in Kartra is absent.
  2. Its function is difficult to understand for people having zero marketing experience.

Clickfunnels vs Groove.cm

Groove.cm is another important online marketing platform that comprises online marketing. This involves complete automation that helps to create good revenue. It was previously known as Groovefunnels. This paid platform gives access to about 20 different tools. It helps in online business by creating online services by landing pages and using templates that are available online. It is used by medium-sized companies as well as industries of computer software.

It is helpful for bloggers and content creators to market their content in the digital and affiliate market. It promotes particular digital products or services such as e-books, coaching, and courses. This software helps to build a funnel site. It also runs membership sites that provide integration with other apps and software.

In this software use of separate hosting is absent as an easy drag and drop option is present. To save money with easy accessibility, this tool helps beginners.


  1. This affiliated management platform comprises a membership site platform also.
  2. The most important feature of this software is that it is used by many bloggers to build their blog sites.
  3. Checkout pages are used to attract more traffic from customers on Groove.cm.
  4. The webpage is based on Javascript, which allows fast loading and an increase in performance.
  5. Allow the streamlined flow of online product selling.


  1. Grove.com software shows different tools that are helpful for your business to grow by using only one place. Different tools included in Groove.cm are  GroovePages, GrooveKart, GrooveMail, etc.
  2. The templates are available on the Groove.cm and funnel system.
  3. They provide SEO optimisation to the site of blogs.
  4. They also build sales funnels that are used in commerce sites as well as webinars.


  1. The work of Groove.com is streamlined.
  2. Based on the user of the particular company, the top email flow occurs.
  3. It is still in beta; therefore, many features are under development.

Clickfunnels vs Dropfunnels

Dropfunnel is a major competitor of Clickfunnels in online marketing. Dropfunnels are available at an affordable price as compared to click funnels. It is designed by Jordan Medirich to attract more customer traffic to the websites of online business owners. Dropfunnel generates SEO-friendly web pages that give a ranking by different search engines. This is responsible for giving visibility to customers’ websites on the online platform and attracting more organic traffic customers.


  1. It provides a tracking link of your URL that gives an idea about important metrics like how many times the user clicks a particular link. This built-in link tracker is present in Dropfunnels.
  2. The creation of web pages is SEO friendly, which is a marketing strategy to attract potential customers.
  3. Unlimited courses and membership sites are available in this software.
  4. It provides integrated CRM, which is helpful in connecting the data of the customer to the system of a third party.


  1. It is mainly focused on its speed and SEO optimisation.
  2. It provides CRM, and it’s affordable, especially for a new online business owner.
  3. It is mobile-friendly software.


  1. It provides pre-built templates.
  2. The external plugins are absent in Dropfunnels.
  3. Provide linking of the only single domain to a single account.


The Clickfunnels review gives an idea that this software provides better service as it contains different features in one tool.IT is more focused on the optimisation of a particular website, its preparation as well as marketing. It provides additional sources required for marketing by Funnelfix.

IT is user-friendly and easy to handle and understand for new online business owners. Due to its simplified version, it attracts more business owners to marketing.

Another characteristic feature of this software is that it allows the joining of the account by multiple users. You can share your funnels in an online marketing platform that saves your time. It also helps to gain commission during this process, which is the key factor as compared to Clickfunnels alternatives.

To compare two different templates of funnels, you can use A/B testing to increase performance.

The Clickfunnels pricing is high, but they provide good features to boost your business. This software is the combination of all characteristic features present in their competitors, so it provides good service to their customers.

Click funnels is the all-in-one software for the online business owner to sustain in an online marketing platform.

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