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In today’s digital era, where course creation platforms have sky-rocketed in popularity, everyone can share knowledge very quickly on such platforms. However, a robust setup will allow you to dig in deeper and explore more topics so that you can build a strong audience base.

New or existing creators, educators, and independent business owners, seeking new ways to introduce or re-introduce their expertise can use Graphy’s innovative platform to build, market, and sell courses online.

Graphy is a one-stop solution for all your course creation requirements. It is a fully white-labeled Indian learning management system headquartered in Bengaluru, that allows users like you to launch virtual courses, host LIVE sessions, monetize skills, and grow your community exponentially.

Using Graphy can also help you to nurture your personalized community with LIVE real-time interactive sessions, solve doubts, Q&A, respond to assignments, answer emails, engage with your students, and many more on the go in a hassle-free manner.

Additionally, Graphy offers an immaculate experience by allowing you to choose & set up a payment gateway that is most suitable for your learners. Supported by both international and national payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay, you can collect payments directly to your bank account, and set custom pricing across countries for every course in your customer’s specific currency.

How is Graphy the best course platform for creators?

Creating a course with Graphy

It’s quite common to be a little terrified before launching your first online course. You must be wondering about the type of lessons to include, the assignments to add to your course bundle, and more.

However, when you choose Graphy to launch your course online, you don’t necessarily need to be worried about anything as the platform’s simplicity & flexibility allow you to create unlimited courses and lessons online.

With Graphy, follow a specific order of interconnected courses, allow sequential learning, where students view lessons in a sequence only, or, a complete video viewing, where students are required to watch a minimum of 90% of the first video to watch another.

Lesson types supported by Graphy

  • PDF lessons: Graphy supports globally accepted PDF format to share information with students. You can create responsive PDF lessons that work without any hassle on all devices.
  • Video lessons: Create an interactive learning atmosphere for your students by launching video lessons for them. Directly paste a video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or other video streaming platforms, or use platforms like Loom, Vadootv, Sendspark, etc to successfully embed videos into your lessons.
  • Audio Lessons: Upload up to 200 MB of audio lessons that can easily be played on the web-based audio player provided.
  • File upload: Be it PDFs, infographics, documents, or anything else, upload files up to 250 MB in size and allow students to swiftly download any content you’d like to share with them.
  • Link lessons: Link lessons by specifying the page’s URL and automatically embed an entire web page into your course lesson.
  • Text lessons: Launch text-based lessons with embedded media that include images, tables, videos, Twitter, HTML codes, etc.
  • Assignments: Set assignments for your students, Add media, and certain instructions, and make them downloadable. Once finished, students can easily upload their assignments up to 100 MB on the website.
  • Quiz lessons: Create interactive quiz lessons that include single correct answer, multiple correct answers, match the column, fill in the blanks, and subjective questions. Additionally, add explanations for the right answers, set a time limit for the quiz, deduct marks for incorrect answers, limit the number of attempts, set a passing percentage, arrange questions by topic, and randomize the questions to make them more interesting.
  • Live class: With no limitation on the number of students to add, integrate services like Zoom meetings, Zoom webinars, and YouTube LIVE streams to conduct LIVE sessions/classes with your students.
  • Forms: Collect details or conduct surveys by creating simple forms using labels, radio buttons, checkboxes, number fields, date fields, text fields, file upload buttons, and more.
  • Drip Content: Apply either enrolment-wise lessons or fix selective dates for all lessons under your course.

    Enrolment-wise: Specify the number of days from the student’s enrollment, after which a lesson will be available to them.

    Fixed Date-wise: Specify predefined dates on which lessons will be available to your students to be watched or downloaded.

Course security with Graphy

When deciding to sell courses online, the vitality of content security online can not be overstated. Graphy understands the sensitivity of the matter & protects your assets and valuable information with the most efficient and multilayered security.

Security features at Graphy

  • Device login limit: Apply device login limits to restrict the number of devices a student can use to access your course online.
  • Download limit: Control the number of times a student can download any media/file.
  • Two-factor authentication: Create a multi-layered security step like two-factor user verification for a student to log in to their account.
  • Dynamic watermarking: Protect your content with an image or text overlaid on selected content. Offer more protection by displaying a student’s email address, contact number, and page URL over PDFs and videos.

User engagement with Graphy

  • Course discussions: Add more value to your online course by improving engagement within your online community. Raise course discussion with a comment box under every lesson. Students can leave their doubts, feedback, and opinions about the lesson using texts, links, and images.
  • Push notifications: Use push notifications to target the right set of audiences and direct your resources to those with high potential for sales growth. Send notifications to your audience immediately, schedule them for a specific date and time, or add them as a recurring message to appear at certain different intervals.

    Web-push notification: Simply just set a new campaign, define your target audience, and send them personalized web-push notifications with one click.

    Mobile-push notifications: Send small pop-up messages to your audience even when the Graphy mobile app isn’t open. Set a title, a message, an image, and a URL to convey reminders, updates, promotions, and more related to your online course.
  • Landing pages: Graphy’s site & page builders offer an easily understandable and highly customizable user interface to build a course. Make changes to an already designed site page, or build new pages from scratch, edit sections like profile, curriculum, price tag, feedback, coming soon, features, testimonials, contact, video content, image, and many more to build attractive landing pages, edit the text, background, color, themes, brand logo, custom scripts, SEO, and more.

Teach with Graphy

Graphy, as the most suitable platform out there for creators and educators, provides the opportunity of a lifetime to clout chances that can help you to achieve your career goals and sell courses online effectively.

Graphy is changing the dynamics of online learning with 40,000+ success stories from all over the world. With its power-packed features to sell courses online, Graphy is optimizing learning environments resulting in improved learning outcomes.

Whether you are a successful course creator or you have just started to sell courses online, Graphy is an affordable option that chucks out most troubles a creator may face while building a virtual course of their own. For instance, associating with third-party applications.

Sign up for Graphy, and get the toolkit to create, market, and sell courses online on one convenient platform at the click of a button. Get assistance during onboarding and start building promising online courses today!

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