How to Write the Perfect Tagline for Your Course

Taglines can help your business draw new customers. You need a tagline for your online business to set yourself apart from the competition. A memorable good to the last drop slogan can be worth considerable sales down the line.

What is a tagline?

Many students find themselves having trouble with the question, “What is a course tagline and do I need one?” when trying to promote their online class. A course tagline is a short, catchy phrase that describes the purpose of your online course in simple terms. The tagline should be used on all printed material for your class: brochures, business cards, flyers, posters and even on your website to introduce your style.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want your tagline to accomplish. Are you looking to promote your class? Your school? Your business? The best way to do this is by focusing on three things: the reason for the course, the benefits people get from taking the course and why people should take it. Examples of these include:

“To help students make a positive impact in the world.”

“Teaches students how to improve their digital marketing skills.”


Online marketing has made it easier than ever to reach customers across the globe.”

If you can’t decide which category applies best to your situation, consider using some of each strategy. 

Importance of course taglines

Course taglines are essential because they’re the first thing students will see when looking for classes to take. Most online course catalogues list them right at the top of each class’s page, either as a heading or in a pull-out box with a few lines of text. It’s like an elevator pitch—a quick, easy way to convey what the course is all about without having to read the whole description.

And while an elevator pitch is often one or two sentences long, course taglines can be up to fifty words long. That gives you plenty of space to get creative and detail what makes your course special. Some schools even require you to submit a short essay about your course and why students would want to take it.

What does this mean for you? You need to make sure your course tagline tells students what they need to know about your class: its objectives, its approach, its benefits, etc. Use that extra space wisely because if you don’t have a good tagline, students may not trust that you’ve put enough thought into your class material and may not enrol in it. 

Course taglines play a massive role in helping you stand out from competitors. If you’re like me, your course tagline is the first thing I see when I visit your website, so it must be catchy and memorable. If you want people to tell their friends about your course, you need to make them want to tell their friends and colleagues about it, and that’s what a great tagline can achieve.

Pricing yourself at a level in line with your competitors is not enough – you still need to ensure that you stand out from them. The best way of doing this is using a course tagline that makes people notice and helps explain what’s unique about what you’re offering. Providing value for money is crucial here – just because other courses charge more for similar content doesn’t mean that yours should follow suit unless it’s genuinely better in some significant way. You can use your course tagline to explain how much more value you’re providing for the price.

The best thing about using a good course tagline is that it’s incredibly cost-effective compared to other marketing methods. 

What makes good course taglines?

A course tagline is a slogan or catchphrase that describes the content of your online course to potential students. Your motto guides students to your course and tells them what to expect when they see or hear about it.

The purpose of a tagline is to:

-Reveal the value of your course to potential students

-Pique interest in your course in public settings

-Act as a link on your website or in emails

The best taglines are brief, simple, and descriptive. They answer three basic questions:

What are the benefits students get when they sign up for this?

What’s different about this course from what others offer?

Why should students purchase this course rather than one from another provider?

How To Write The Perfect Tagline for Courses

Writing a tagline for a new course can be challenging. Do you want to use your brand name, or do you want to come up with something completely different? Will you focus on the content of the course, or will you focus more on the outcomes? Or maybe you’d like to set yourself apart by combining those elements into an intriguing, original phrase?

What’s your goal with the tagline? Do you want to give students an idea of what the course is about, or do you want them to know what they’ll get from it once they take it? Maybe you’d like them to understand how to market themselves after taking your course. You can do that!

Here are some tips for writing good taglines for courses:

-Your tagline must be brief (concise, compact). It should be able to sum up your entire course in just a few words. Aim for ten words or less

-Use keywords. Taglines are meant to describe your courses in search engines and social media. The more keywords you use, the better

-Keep it simple. Don’t cram too much information into your tagline. If it takes more than a sentence to explain your course, then maybe there’s something wrong with your course

Tips to generate quick taglines

The first step is creating a tagline if you’re launching a new online course and want to promote it. It’s a short phrase that describes what the course is about. A good tagline is catchy and memorable but can also be tough to write. 

Here are some tips to help create a compelling tagline for your online course.

First, know your audience. Conduct research on who will take your course and what they want to get out of it. This process might include looking at the demographics of people who have taken similar courses or asking potential students directly what they want to see in a course like this. Make sure the tagline fits the expectations of your target group.

Second, make sure your course satisfies the promise of the tagline. The tagline should encourage people to enroll by telling them what their experience will be like and why they should take your course instead of others. For example, if you’re writing a tagline for an intermediate Python programming class, you could say something like, “Master Python 3 with ten hands-on video lessons.” 

Third, remember that a good tagline can be used as sales copy for landing pages, email subject lines, and other forms of advertising.


A tagline is a quick, memorable sentence that describes what a person can expect to learn from your course. It’s perfect for advertising your course and should be crafted with the utmost attention to detail because it’s the first thing potential students see when browsing through the thousands of courses on Skillshare, and it’s how they form their impression of your course.

A tagline’s effectiveness relies heavily on its ability to quickly communicate your course’s unique value proposition. It should tell students what can make their lives better or easier after taking the class and why they should choose yours out of all the other Skillshare classes available.

When crafting a tagline, consider important things to people in your field (this could be whatever you’re teaching), and explain how your class can help them achieve these goals. For example, suppose you’re a teacher who loves history but focuses on more obscure topics like Alexander Hamilton. In that case, you might want to explain how learning about him can help students ace quizzes or get a higher grade in history class. A writer might explain how learning plot structure helps overcome writer’s block or get over imposter syndrome. The possibilities are endless!

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