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Kajabi has become a global boon for rising creators and entrepreneurs. Through its various features and advantages, the Kajabi website is being prominently used, especially by budding entities who want to create, sell and market their digital goods. This platform has helped various creators and entrepreneurs to find their niches and market. But that is just one side of the story, owing to its fallouts too. If you are looking for a complete and detailed Kajabi review, you are at the right place.

In this Kajabi review, we will talk comprehensively about the Kajabi website. This will include Kajabi pricing, Kajabi plans and features, the advantages and disadvantages of Kajabi. This will help in appropriate and maximise the use of Kajabi.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is the one-stop for all kinds of tools and features that enable the users to curate, market and sell their digital content. These digital content can be online courses, video graphics, memberships and many more. Kajabi is one of the most-used online platforms to find markets for digital content. It is particularly an ideal platform for budding entrepreneurs, digital content creators and many more.

With Kajabi, you can find all the guides that you would need to run your digital business, especially if you are new to the market. Kajabi has easy and smooth steps that could be followed to create digital content. Once the content is created, the next step involved is to find the market to sell the digital content. Kajabi helps in finding the ideal market to sell digital content.

With Kajabi, you can also keep a track of your sales. The platform enables you to trace how well your market is going for the digital content that you have sold. Further, it also provides knowledge about the market size and the target customer. This would aid in understanding who are your interested customers for your digital content. In the long run, Kajabi would provide the pathway to maximise profit through creating customer-oriented digital content.

Kajabi Website

The Kajabi website has complete segregation of the features that you want to use. It has its products segregated into three categories- Create, Manage and Grow. There are also provisions for different services under each category. The Create options would help you in creating the specific kind of digital content that you want. The Manage options would help you in deciding the market and the pattern in which you want to put out the products. Further, the Grow options are for those who are looking to grow their products in potential markets.

In addition to this, the Kajabi website has simple steps for creating an account. It also has its Resources section. In this section, Kajabi elucidates on its blogs, reviews, and the founding minds behind the platform. Further, there is also a Kajabi community, help centre and podcasts

The current products available on the Kajabi website are online courses, authors (teachers and students), memberships, coaching, websites, payments, podcasts and many marketers on board. With the Kajabi website, you can create your own market as well as interact with the other markets on board.

The website also provides various tools to track or find the market. Their sales option on the website helps in knowing whether the digital content is selling successfully. Further, the marketing option aids in refining and finding the right market to sell the digital product. With the People option, you can easily interact with the other entrepreneurs and creators. This will support the ideal of learning and exchange of ideas.

In a nutshell, the Kajabi website is filled with descriptions of the products, services and the vision it has for the users.

Kajabi Features

There are a plethora of Kajabi features provided to the users. These are:

Website Builder

With Kajabi, a user can customise their own websites and use them for their specific purposes, such as selling online courses. 

Custom Domain

With this feature, the users can create their own custom domain. This will help them in growing the traffic for one’s digital content and make it more appearing on the search.

Auto Scaling

With the Auto Scaling feature, users at Kajabi can keep their digital content trending and blazing. This will bring in more customers and eventually increase the customer base.


There are numerous templates available at Kajabi to create the ideal digital content. With Kajabi, you can design your own templates for online courses or brands. You can also have access to the inbuilt templates available on Kajabi.

Kajabi Pricing and Kajabi Plans

Looking out for the plans brings along various Kajabi pricing. Currently, the Kajabi plans can be classified into three. These three Kajabi plans have various pricings as well as services and products. The three Kajabi plans are- Basic, Growth and Pro. Read on to know about each plan. 

Basic Kajabi plan

The Basic Kajabi plan include minimal products and services on the list. The Kajabi pricing for the basic plan is $149 per month. The plan includes three products and pipelines. It provided landing pages with no limit. It also provides email marketing, which is also unlimited in usage. It provides customer activation calls, templates, webinars, events, and has no cost for transactions. Currently, there is only one website for this plan and has approximately 1000 active members. With this, the basic plan also makes provision for having more than 10,000 contacts.

Growth Kajabi Plan

The Growth Kajabi plan provides products and services that are essentially aimed at advancing the progress and sales of digital content. The Kajabi pricing for this plan is $199 per month. In this pan, 15 products and pipelines at Kajabi are available. Marketing emails and landing pages are provided with no limits. Further, there is provision for 25,000 contacts and 10 administering users. The plan currently has 10,000 active members. The add ons to this plan are all day/night chat assistance, advanced automations, and affiliated programming. Further, users can also do their own branding and not use Kajabi’s name for branding.

Pro Kajabi Plan

The Pro Kajabi plan is the most providing plan. The Kajabi pricing for the plan is $399 per month. In this plan, users can take the benefit of 100 products and pipelines. The users can build up contact till 100,000 and can operate through three websites. Further, the plan currently has 20,000 active members. With the Pro Kajabi plan a user gets all the basic and growth features. With this, there is also provision for a code editor.

Kajabi Advantages

The Kajabi advantages are:

  • Kajabi benefits the users with the customised option of coaching one or multiple sessions. 
  • With Kajabi, one can have the opportunity to start their venture online. All they have to do is create a domain, introduce the venture and sell. 
  • Kajabi is a well-specified tool to create advertising campaigns such as email campaigns.
  • Kajabi has simplified and categorised products. The products can be availed on the need to either grow, create or manage one’s digital content. 
  • Kajabi is a holistic platform and encompasses all the basic tools at one stop. You can create, grow and find the right market for your digital content.

Kajabi Disadvantages

The Kajabi disadvantages are:

  • Kajabi can be an expensive tool to use. Most of its features are available only after paid membership. 
  • Kajabi requires additional time to create the template and for miscellaneous functions. It requires time to create the domain and courses. 
  • Kajabi lacks simplification and the products at times would appear cluttered. There are too many options available that might stir confusion amongst users. 
  • Kajabi restricts the products and services into three domains: Create, Manage and Grow. There is limited scope for analysis of the digital content sale. 
  • Kajabi’s Pro plan has only one added benefit: the Code Editor. Despite the huge monthly payment, it has limited new benefits for the users.


This Kajabi review covered Kajabi and its functions. Kajabi is a one-stop platform for all the tools and guidance required to curate, sell and market one’s digital content. The Kajabi website generally operates for three categories of products. Kajabi features include website builder, custom domain, templates and auto scaling. There are three Kajabi plans based on Kajabi pricing:  Basic Kajabi Plan, Growth Kajabi Plan and Pro Kajabi Plan. A holistic look at the advantages and disadvantages of Kajabi will help potential Kajabi users make the right decision. 

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