Platforms That Provide White Labelling

A white-label platform is a platform that combines a white-label marketing tool and a comprehensive sales dashboard. It is software designed to help marketing services providers extend their sales and marketing funnels. One firm builds and develops the platform, which is then branded and resold to another client company, which rebrands it and uses it to expedite its own sales and marketing. It is totally customisable as a white-label platform to match the branding of the marketing company that employs it.

A reseller receives white label software that is not branded. The reseller customises the platform by adding their logo or simply removing the original logo and then sells access to the platform as if it were their own. The majority of clients are unaware that this is the situation. Customers may become aware of the white label layout if poor techniques for safeguarding the white label are used. End users will occasionally try to “go around” the reseller by accessing the software directly to get a better deal.

So, why should you use white labelled software?

Benefits of White Labelling

1.   Businesses may expand their range of services with white label software instead of spending years building something from scratch.

2.   Building brand credibility — Because your product/service is easily available and functions effectively, using a white-label platform to develop your business helps you appear more reputable and trustworthy to your clients.

3.   Stronger customer loyalty — Because white label applications are ready-to-use, you can concentrate on branding and marketing efforts, strengthening your relationship with potential consumers.

4.   White label platforms are a way to go for firms trying to join any industry as quickly as possible, as the time it takes to launch a white label product/service is substantially less than launching something designed from scratch.

Let us look at some examples of white labelled software.

Platforms That Provide White Labelling

White Label CRM

A white-label customer relationship management is a process management dashboard that can be customised and branded by the company which uses the CRM tool. This dashboard can be completely customised by adding the company logo and information related to the company. It’s all yours. These dashboards allow your marketing team to track their leads across various stages of marketing, from the initial stages of prospective customers to the closing of the deals. It will assist the company’s sales department in monitoring the overall performance correctly and predicting the sales.

Use AI to find new ways to engage your audience. Your salespeople won’t have to worry about missed follow-up calls or weak contact points ever again. With features like activity monitoring, email logging, likelihood analytics, intelligent contact management, key performance indicators, and important notifications, a white labelled platform is likely to help businesses build meaningful relationships with their most important clients.

White Label Platform Management

B2B marketing providers may use white-label project management to keep track of their responsibilities and targets across a variety of clients, each with its own set of marketing issues. Without a built-in project manager, no white-label platform would be complete, giving your workers the service and customer satisfaction they need to manage their complicated schedules and provide exceptional service to your clients.

Your team needs a task manager who is capable of:

1.   Tasks like the listing of claims and accounting should be free of complex technicalities.

2.   Organise projects with a variety of businesses and clients in mind.

3.   Set up approval and modification procedures for finished projects.

4.   Manage due dates and schedules intelligently to guarantee that your team is never left wondering what to do next.

5.   Performance monitoring dashboard so employees and clients can assess and compare their achievements.

White Label Dashboard

White-label systems, unlike typical CRMs, require distinct login sites for end-users (your clients) and purchasers (your company)—or, in other words, a white-label client portal.

Reporting on Return on Investment – Nothing is more impactful than a statement that expresses the value you provide to your customers.

Automation: Generating detailed reports for all of your customers is a very manual and time taking task. Automation can help generate your business reports.

Platforms That Provide White Labelling

1.   ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a reputed brand when it comes to marketing campaigns. For enterprises, ActiveCampaign provides full marketing automation and CRM packages. You’ll need their Enterprise plan to participate in the white label reseller program. Businesses can create their own brand on ActiveCampaign and add other services to make their offering more intriguing. The platform can also deliver a White Label push notification platform. They just make it a better deal by bundling all services like analytics, training, and service into one single package. Branding and price can also be modified, and you can preserve the platform’s marketing automation tools and capabilities with ActiveCampaign. You can also reinvent the platform as a CRM and automation solution for your business.

2.   Mautic

Mautic is a software as a service platform that offers white labelling services that you’ll undoubtedly hear about when you shop. It offers open-source software that can be used for marketing automation. One of Mautic’s most appealing features is that you may install it on your own server and customise the code as needed. It provides services related to white labelling under your own brand and cost, with many automation services. Mautic can help businesses to manage their social media marketing efforts. Keep an eye on your audience’s engagement and organise and manage your contact list. Send an email. Create web forms and make reports and run them. Mautic includes all the tools you’ll need to automate your marketing. On the commercial side, it provides a hefty markup and significant profit potential, but running your own server requires some technical expertise to be outsourced.

White-label platforms have become the preferred method for companies to introduce new products and services, and they come with a slew of advantages. The white labeled platform has now become a must-have tool for businesses trying to expand and grow their business to gain a competitive advantage in the market, add new revenue streams, and scale their business.

As a creator, check out which white-labeled platform is the best for you here!

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