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On the internet, live streaming is very popular. Many huge corporations want to improve their offerings by adopting live streaming. The live streaming function is costing social media firms a lot of money to implement. The widespread use of live streaming is only the beginning, and there is still a lot of room for development in this market. The platform price is nominal when compared to the advantages it provides.

We’re all aware of how important technology is in schooling. Live streaming may be used to deliver education to people of all ages. People spent around 548 billion hours streaming through mobile devices in 2021. Live streaming events increased by 300% between March and August 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Live Stream Feature in 2022

There are several advantages and prospects to adopting live streaming, which we shall discuss in this post.

1.      Live Interaction and doubt clearing

The potential for students to have a live interactive experience is the most significant benefit of live streaming. Many platforms allow both professors and students to be a part of a wider community. Students are more likely to participate, ask questions, communicate with one another, and express their ideas when streaming systems allow for real-time engagement. Many students are hesitant to address questions in class because they are afraid of being judged by their peers. However, when they are in an online setting, they find that asking a question is a lot simpler, which allows them to learn more.

2.      Better learning experience 

When compared to typical classes, learning from live streaming is a completely different experience. Traditional classrooms aren’t always the greatest setting since the instructor can’t devote enough time to each student. Students can review classes at their leisure using livestream platforms or recorded footage.

3.      Real-time screening

The collaborative atmosphere and sharing possibilities are huge benefits of livestream platforms for online education. Because your live class is online, you may invite other educators or professionals from all around the world to participate. It’s a terrific way to collaborate on videos and grow your following. Your viewers may share your live stream with a single click when you stream to social media networks. If you want to increase your readership and enrol additional pupils, this is a huge benefit.

Platforms with Live Stream Feature

1.      YouTube 

Our list of livestream platforms is topped by YouTube, which has two billion monthly subscribers. YouTube is one of the most ubiquitous live streaming networks available, with users from all over the world and across all age categories. YouTube discovered that channels with a weekly live broadcast receive up to 40% more subscribers. In addition to providing a large audience, YouTube also gives strong statistics and revenue possibilities for your live videos. YouTube stores each of your live streams because it is also a video storage platform, allowing users to watch the replay whenever they want. YouTube Live also offers a chat feature, which allows viewers to send messages to you and each other at any time during the broadcast.

2.      Vimeo 

Vimeo offers a variety of services to help organisations obtain what they need from video, regardless of their strategy or infrastructure. Vimeo Enterprise, which was launched in 2019, is the newest addition to our product family, providing even greater security and unique features to fulfil the demands of medium and big organisations. Vimeo Enterprise adds security and functionality that companies need to scale and grow to what our 90 million members already know and love about Vimeo, such as a branded, gorgeous player and customizable embedding.

Some features offered from Vimeo:

1.      Authentication with only one sign-on

2.      To ensure Showcase pages, live streaming is available.

3.      Analytics at the user level

4.      Services for live production

5.      Account management and dedicated enterprise support

6.      SLAs and uptime guarantees

3.      IBM Cloud 

To help keep your critical video material safe, IBM Cloud Video offers user authorization (single sign-on) and password protection of events, as well as specialised support and production services if you need an additional helping hand either online or during an event. However, IBM Cloud Video does not provide hands-on, in-person training for your team, so you’ll have to figure it out on your own unless you already have video expertise on board. This application is known for its performance and has some salient features through which industries like education, entertainment, and technology can benefit. UStream members can record and archive videos which can be for future broadcasts. The application has different ways to interact with the streamer, like chat and instant polling, and also has integration with Facebook and Twitter news feeds. The search features allow viewers to filter through various categories. UStream notifies its members through email regarding the upcoming live streams on topics of interest

Because of technological advancements, online learning and live broadcasting are now available. Educators may use the same technologies to better understand pupils and their learning habits. Educators might also look at the learning habits of their students. This allows them to create courses that are tailored to each student’s learning preferences.

Only your team can decide which option is ideal for your video needs in the end. Your ideal solution will enable a wide range of video use cases, both internal and external, as well as the essential security and customization tools to keep your material secure and consistent.

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