Teachable Review: Modern Course Selling Platform


Have you considered Teachable for making and selling courses, but are not certain whether it is best for you?

Teachable is a platform that offers you plenty of tools to make and sell your courses even with zero prior experience.

It makes it easy to turn your knowledge into insights that everyone can easily understand. The site design is to create a marvellous user experience.

This Teachable review will take you through some of the available features on this platform. I will also compare Teachable with other course selling platforms. Let’s dive right in.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is a platform that helps you create and sell your online courses. It has easy-to-use tools for course selling and building a very nice user experience.

Unlike Udemy, Teachable helps course providers interact with their students, creating a better understanding of the offered course.

Several teachers report a good relationship with their students, providing a good learning experience on Teachable.


Teachable is widely known for its ease of use by its users. Everything on this platform is well organised and highly accessible to everyone.

New users do not need to take too much time to learn how to use the platform. I can say that from my experience, everything is straightforward.

After you create your account and do some standard settings, you can begin uploading your course directly to your account.

The templates provided in this platform are pretty, and it is easy to customise them to fit your style. One thing I love about teachable is the ease of creating a course product and selling it.

You will create products with simple steps, which will be visible to your students immediately.

Product Support and Resources

The platform has many features that will assist you in building your course and connecting with your students. Many teachers at teachable have praised the good relationship they have had with their students compared to any other platform.

Teachable is also useful for adding interactive elements such as quizzes to track your students’ progress.

Teachable provides social media integration where students can share their progress on social media with other students in the community forum.

Teachable has an easy-to-use interface where teachers can drag and drop files directly from their google drive accounts.

Another attractive feature of Teachable is the ability to drip content. Content dripping is where you hold on to your content and then release it to your students after they have enrolled.

It means that your student will not be able to access specific lecture sections until it has been dropped to them.

Teachable has automated emails that help drive the engagement between you and your students. It also helps to drive your sales.

Customer Support

Teachable offers 24/7 customer support to their users, and therefore, should any issue arise, the support team will assist you.

Amazingly, the support takes care of the technical staff so that you can focus on creating your course content.

Product Pricing

There are several product pricing options on Teachable. Teachers are the ones to determine the product and how much students will pay for the courses they offer. Pricing options include:

· One Time Product

In this case, a student pays once for the whole course they will be taught. Therefore payment will be delivered to the teachers’ account.

·   All-Access pass

Here you can set a price for students to pay either weekly or monthly to gain access to your courses.

This pricing method is ideal if you are offering a variety of courses. It is also applicable if you have an exclusive membership site where students access the content.

·   Pay as you Learn

In this case, students pay for every lecture they complete or per video they watch. The merit of this option is that a student gets to pay for what they need, compared to paying for everything at once.

Payment Processing Method

Teachable uses methods to process your payment. If you want to receive your school’s earnings, you need to set up a payment gateway.

Two payment methods are available on Teachable, and they are based on the country you live in. They include Teachable payments and monthly payment gateways.

The Teachable payment can be processed on a schedule that runs daily, weekly, or monthly. The payout processor for this payment is Stripe express.

On the other hand, Monthly payment gateways work only every month. The payment processor used here is PayPal.

You can use custom payment gateways if you are on the professional plan and have both Stripe and PayPal business accounts.

Custom payment gateways are set up directly with both Stripe and PayPal. Third parties manage payout schedules.

Payment Options for Students

Students have several ways to pay for the courses they get on Teachable. These payment options include: google pay, PayPal and credit cards/debit cards.

You should know that students will only use PayPal if they set up a PayPal custom payment gateway.

When students use a debit or a credit card, their transactions are processed through Stripe.

Google pay or Apple pay is only available for students in schools that use Teachable payments or monthly payment gateways.

Unlimited User and Content

Teachable will allow you to create an unlimited number of courses. It means that you can upload slideshows, videos, audio recordings, and other files to Teachable.

In addition, there is no there is also no limit to the number of students you can have in the course that you offer. Therefore your courses are open to everyone in the world.

Teachable has a coaching product for those who look forward to offering one-on-one coaching services.

Built-in affiliate program, marketing, and analytics tools

Teachable has a built-in affiliate program where you can decide on its terms. This program is to help you grow your course business.

Teachable will provide you with the essential tools to keep track of your affiliate program.

You can decide that if a student refers another student to join your class, he/she will get a discount fee on the next class.

Teachable will collect the fees from your affiliates and record them down hence reducing your administration work.

Moreover, Teachable provides your affiliates with a dashboard to track their performance and share their affiliate links.

Teachable is not a good marketing platform, but it is the best for selling your online courses. A high rating on this platform will see clients moving in your direction.

Teachable also helps manage your courses, payments, and students and track all your account performances.

The data is analysed, and a report is made based on the data that has been collected. Let’s take a look at some of the course reporting tools.

Course Reporting Tools

Teachable has a course reporting tool where you can track the performance of your lectures and videos. Four different reports are available on teachable:

1.     Leader Board Reports

Here you will see course completion rates for every individual student.

2.     Lecture Completion Reports

If you want to see the average completion rate of the lectures you offer, you will click on that Icon.

3.     Video Stats Report

This report is important to track your video and record videos for your lectures. You can check for their engagement and play rates.

4.     Sales Performance Reports

Teachable will help you track your sales performance, giving you an overview of how you performed previously. It will help you see if you are heading toward your goals.

Pricing Plans

Teachable offers three paid plans and a free trial to check if it is the best for you. The good thing is that all the plans will offer you complete courses, content, and students.

The basic plan on Teachable will cost you $39 per month with a transaction cost of 5%. If you enable back office, there will be an additional 2%; hence you will be charged 7% for transaction cost.

Teachable also has a Pro plan that costs $119 per month. With this plan, you will get additional features such as:

·       Graded quizzes

·       Certificate

·       Course compliance

·       Affiliate marketing

·       Live chat support.

The final Teachable plan costs $299 per month, which is best for a client who owns establishments.

Once you are through creating your payment plan, Teachable will automatically create a checkout page for you.

Why should you try Teachable?

Teachable is an amazing platform with an inbuilt support system to help you carry out your business. It is easy to use even for complete beginners and a great place for selling courses.

I find Teachable relatively simple compared to other platforms, and the user experience is just amazing. They have tools to personalise and customise your courses to exactly how you want them.

You should try this platform since it also has a tool for managing your business administration. You only have to focus on creating content for your courses.


Teachable is a friendly and interactive platform for creating your content and taking control of your business.

Teachable has tools that will help customise your landing page and make it appealing to your terms.

You make course content depending on what you are good at, and Teachable helps you turn it into an enterprise. Why don’t you start today?

Although, you can also check out alternatives to Teachable here.

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