Cool Things to Post on Instagram for More Followers And Likes

We need to do more than share lovely photographs on Instagram because it’s a visual social media platform. We need to research hashtags, captions and images. Gone are the days when we could publish a picture at any moment and caption it with emoticons. We need to rethink our Instagram content strategy to enhance our engagement rate, exposure and followers.

How to see who sent your Instagram post? 

Business Instagram accounts may see who shared posts. Users don’t know who shared their Instagram posts. Instagram won’t tell us who shared our posts; it will only tell how many times our posts have been shared.

The following are some Instagram posts to get more likes and followers.

Cool Things To Post On Instagram For More Followers And Likes

Go over our morning routine

Personalise our interactions with followers. We can do this by sharing our morning routine. Mornings are challenging for everyone, so watching how famous influencers start the day can be inspiring.

Many people showcase their morning routine. They appear energetic and fit by eating something healthy. It’s essential, to be honest, to show how our morning routine goes down. The followers will appreciate the honesty and love to see more about our life.

It is easy to share the routine as a series of stories. We can share one post and a more extended caption to describe the morning.

Tutorials and how to use our products

It may seem clichéd, but studies indicate that blogs that include lessons about using brands’ items are trendy. It also shows that these posts build target audience trust in brands and enterprises.

Posting tips on using brand items in various ways or using our favourite product or service can help businesses achieve the traction it requires.

Ask a question to followers

Engagement is the key to an Instagram post’s success. Our content is more engaging if we ask a question. We may ask for the assistance of our followers in making decisions. We may also ask to tell more about their life.

We may simply include a question in the caption of our post and invite the followers to respond in the comments. We may also ask questions using the Instagram questions sticker, but the number of direct messages could be less.

Behind-the-scenes post

Viewers like the behind-the-scenes post. It creates a personal connection with them and shows we are open and honest, which people admire in a brand. Showing items in a messy space will make the content raw and unfiltered.

Instagram hashtags   

In all honesty, hashtags are crucial on social media. Many overlook the importance of hashtags and do not conduct proper research before selecting the appropriate hashtags.

Instagram users now search for content using hashtags. Also, if our Instagram post for followers does well with a hashtag, its potential increases. The Instagram algorithm will share it with others who connect with related content. Therefore, always conduct the research and pick the right hashtags.

Make a tutorial video

On Instagram, short tutorials are usually popular. We may teach our followers everything, from how to generate a picture effect to how to apply makeup daily.

Whatever we decide to construct a lesson out of, make it very clear so that our followers can follow along when they try it.

We can make a single video or a series of numbered postings to record the tutorial. For our tutorial videos, we may also use an Instagram story. We may include them in our highlights so followers can review them after they expire.

Take an interview

If we have an influencer, we may ask them for an interview. Interviews might be a good change from our usual posts. It may also help our followers discover other influencers. Working with influencers who publish on different topics also works well.

For example, a food influencer may interview a fitness influencer to know what foods followers may eat to stay active. We may post the interview as a story or share a quote and photo.

Instagram stories that engage the target audience

The only way to grow Instagram followers and likes is to increase engagement. With the poll and question stickers, we can make our Instagram story more interesting, leading to more followers voting. Trending emoji stickers and location tags also boost engagement.

A cool DIY project’s highlights

Our followers like seeing what we are up to, whether building furniture or making new home design items. Let’s take pictures and share the DIY experience as we start our next creative project.

Taking photos or recording everything we do might be difficult. We may take images at various project stages and post them as updates to our story.

Holiday highlights 

Holidays are a great time to find cool things to share on Instagram. Let’s avoid spending the holiday at the beach and use it to mine content.

Instagram users enjoy food and landmark pictures

There are several ways to publish moments from travel, including food and landmark pictures. We may post a carousel of holiday photos. We may also share them on our stories and feed to engage followers.

Reposts from audience

Reposts from our audience ensure our brand gains credibility and spread the word about our company.

Furthermore, they aid in gaining the respect and gratitude of our followers, enabling our brands to establish a long and enduring relationship with them. Create a different hashtag for our business and encourage people to use it.

Post throwback photos

Throwback images that evoke nostalgia are an effective way to engage our audience. Everyone enjoys seeing what someone looked like as a child or a teenager. We may even throwback prior milestones, such as our first sponsorship or when we got 10,000 followers.


We must stand out and be unique to grow followers and likes on social media platforms. It doesn’t end there; we must also be consistent in sharing content and ensuring that it represents our business’s style and message.

There is no doubting that the Instagram block exists, and we frequently run out of ideas for what to post on Instagram. The larger our target audience becomes, the more chances we’ll have, especially when interacting with them and creating unique experiences. Let’s try the above tips on Instagram posts to increase followers and likes and witness a dramatic improvement.

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